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Is your teen struggling?

Join my Free live coaching session this Saturday - 10:30AM EST. You're not going to want to miss it. CLICK below to learn more about this coaching program.


What's Inside the Program


I run a 12 week online life coaching program and all our students need is a smart device with access to Wi-Fi. Our goal is to get results as fast as possible and I do that by getting under the hood and getting to the root of the problem. 


Everyone (including parents) get access to The Attitude Is Everything Keynote speech to kick off the program. This talk has inspired over  1 million teens .


Teens are with me every single week to. The research shows that having one consistent, caring adult in the life of a teen is one of the biggest factors contributing to their future success. 


Once a week we have a live ZOOM session with our teens from all over the country. These meetings are a ton of fun. Not only are the teens taught a different valuable life lesson each week they also get the opportunity to ask their questions every single week.


I use our daily text series to engage your teens and other teens to make this program more fun. If teen's aren’t having a good time then they aren’t going to participate and if they don’t want to participate then they aren’t going to get results. 


Teens get 24 hour access to their curriculum online, Monday through Friday. If the teens need anything I am fully accessible and if I ever can’t coach them over the zoom I will pull them in for a quick call.


Every teen gets their own personalized guidebook at the completion of the program. This 100 page physical book breaks down everything they’ve learned over the 12 weeks and is a road map for everything they need in life to go from where they are to where they want to be. 


Each month I have a one hour coaching call for our parents. Parents will be taught a powerful lesson on a topic related to raising teens that is followed by an open Q & A. This way, parents can ask questions to our top teen experts about whatever they are dealing with at home. 


4 times a year, I hosted a teens retreat here in Georgia or in Utah to bring all of my students together. During that time, we have workshops, service projects, motivational moment and so much fun...

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Sign up your teen today

This coaching program was designed by a teen certified professional life coach to be a comprehensive approach to helping teens build self-esteem, incredible confidence, grit and resilience. We focus on understanding your teen at a deeper level to provide them the tools to succeed in adulthood. We are also here to cheer your teen on as they develop and reach new goals. We can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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Kevin Hart

Actor & Comedian

“I'm so inspired by Williamson's determination to empower this generation (and his people) and so glad to support his dream through Marsshot UAE. His passion is unbelievable"

Tim Ballard

Ourrescue -The Spear Fund

"I have known and worked with Williamson for many years. He has a light I have rarely seen. It's a light that can only be born through experiencing immense darkness. If you want to learn how to take your darkness and, through it, find light, find inspiration, find hope, and find purpose,

Jeremy Andrus

Traeger Grill

"I knew there was something greater inside Williamson when I met him and so glad we can connect and stand with his cause to inspire the next generation."
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