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My Approach

Why Every Teens Need A Life Coach

Life coaching can help build up your teenager's confidence.

Without this renewed self-confidence, teenagers will likely continue to sulk and sink even lower in the mire of negative perceptions they have built inside their minds. 

As a Certified Life Coach, I’ve spent over 8 years working with teenagers on how to help them become a force for good in life. For the past three years, I’ve been working on creating the most transformational training curriculum that will help ELEVATE your teens life… and it’s designed to give your teens the tools they need to feel capable, confident, and empowered to become the successful ones you’ve always dreamed for them to become.

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My Story

My name is Williamson


Husband and Father of 4, Youth ambassador, certified Life Coach, more specifically a Personal Growth and Success Coach, with global ambition to empower the young generation through proper coaching PEAK Life Coaching


In 2010 Haiti earthquake, I was buried under a three-story building after it collapsed. For twenty-eight grueling hours, I was trapped without food or water, breathing in stale air. I knew I would rise again and become who I was destined to be. I made a sincere promise with God that I will serve him if he saves me.


Rather than blaming others for my circumstances or live the victim life, I chose to be a force for good through my story of survival and to find ways to serve God. I didn’t come from money, my dad worked as an accountant for a national hospital and my mom was a supervisor at the same company, in partnership with Red Cross. I moved from Haiti to Utah on my own. I went to BYU-Idaho, LDS Business College, and Utah State University but got a little lucky to meet amazing mentors and a lot of grind that led me to invest in my first rental property, build a tree/landscaping company, founded my nonprofit organization ARISE Project For Humanity, then I get into coaching and quickly I realized that was my path to becoming who I was born to be.


So I started coaching/mentoring young people worldwide to change their mindset, create their life, and impact their community. 


I made it my mission to empower the young generation to RISE and become who they were created to be. Because they have so much to offer to this world today. 


If your TEENS are struggling with something specific in their life and you’re wondering if my coaching program would be a great fit for them_ Let’s jump on a quick 30 min call to discuss your concerns and what I teach in my coaching program. I truly believe that the PEAK Life Coaching Program can be a great tool in your tool belt during these hard teenage years. 


Text me 801-498-0201 to get your free 30 min consultation scheduled.

Meet The Founder

My Journey

Williamson is a Professional Certified Life Coach for Teens, with global ambition to empower the rising generation through Peak Life Coaching. After two years of serving as a service missionary in his home country of Haiti, he discovered his interest in humanitarian work, specifically in the nonprofit world.

In 2015, he founded the first Mentoring Program in Haiti through his nonprofit organization to help empower the youth to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community through mentoring. His organization has reached millions of youth and worked in 200+ communities. Williamson has become more and more confident in helping individuals connect to their purpose by taking their goals, dreams, and destinies to the next level. In 2018, he started PEAK Life Coaching as a resource for young people to have on-going support throughout their difficult teenage years, particularly targeting the area of self-esteem, confidence and champion mentally.

Williamson is one of today’s most highly sought after youth speakers and teen coaches. His powerful story has inspired millions through his speaking, books and projects. He is one of Haiti's most influencer and is regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours. He has worked on different projects with KEVIN HART, JAY SHETTY, TIM BALLARD, JEREMY ANDRUS, A.G SEAN REYES, and many others… Williamson's new documentary series ' Rising From the Rubble' allows viewers the chance to follow him around the world and see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth.

Early 2022, Williamson released his new book, Rising From The Rubble, where he talks about his story as an earthquake survivor. Williamson was buried under a three-story building after it collapsed during the Haiti earthquake in 2010. For twenty-eight grueling hours, he was trapped without food or water, breathing in stale air. He was the only survivor from his high school from his class. There are numerous books about near-death experiences, but his book is not one of those books. Williamson knew he would live. He knew he would see the sunshine on his mother’s face and enjoy the fresh air again. Rather than just write about the story of survival, he wanted to also write about what comes next.

Williamson is invested in local businesses within his hometown in Haiti and in the U.S. He has traveled far and wide to motivate young leaders to become victorious success stories and survivors, by showing and inspiring others through his love, faith, and his story as a survivor.


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