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Shaping Tomorrow: Meet Williamson Sintyl, the Future Leader of Oglethorpe County - District 2.

In the heart of Oglethorpe County, a new leader is emerging, ready to inspire change and drive progress for a brighter future. Williamson Sintyl is not just a name; he's a catalyst for transformation, a visionary dedicated to shaping tomorrow for our community.

Proud citizen of Oglethorpe County. This weel. Williamson Sintyl had discovered that his wife's ancestors (relative) is MARCUS D LAFAYETTE REID (1 Dec 1829 – 18 May 1907) was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia the only child of record of Bailey Reid and Hannah Washington Williams.

Marcus Lafayette Reid’s father, Bailey, left the home about three years after Marcus Lafayette Reid was born, so Marcus Lafayette Reid was raised primarily by his mother Hannah. He and his mother lived in Oglethorpe County on the Williams farm with his grandmother, Lucy Williams, and uncle, Harrison Williams, where Marcus Lafayette Reid learned to raise cotton. By all accounts, it was a humble existence, but Marcus Lafayette Reid was loyal to his mother and grateful to his uncle Harrison for providing them a place to live and work.

Williamson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our community. Fluent in several languages, served on the boards of several local organizations here in Oglethorpe County and had contributed to community development efforts in numerous countries. With a background in Professional Business Management and as a Professional Certified Life Coach, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. However, it is my genuine connection to the people of Oglethorpe County that truly sets him apart. Whether engaging with residents at community events, listening to their concerns, or tackling local issues head-on, his approachable demeanor and empathetic nature makes him a trusted ally and advocate for all.

As a candidate for the Board of Commissioners, Williamson Sintyl is committed to addressing the pressing challenges facing our county while also seizing opportunities for growth and prosperity. His vision for Oglethorpe County encompasses:

1. Community Engagement: Williamson understands that effective leadership begins with listening. He's dedicated to creating avenues for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

2. Economic Development: With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Williamson aims to promote local businesses, foster entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities that support the prosperity of all residents.

3. Environmental Stewardship: As a champion of environmental conservation, Williamson is committed to promoting renewable energy initiatives, protecting natural resources, and preserving our county's scenic beauty for future generations.

4. Education and Youth Empowerment: Williamson believes that investing in education and providing opportunities for our youth are key drivers of long-term success. He's dedicated to supporting our schools, expanding access to educational resources, and empowering the next generation of leaders.

But Williamson Sintyl isn't just a leader; he's a bridge-builder, bringing together diverse perspectives and forging partnerships that transcend political divides. He understands that real progress requires cooperation and collaboration, and he's committed to working tirelessly to unite our community in pursuit of common goals.

As we look to the future of Oglethorpe County, Williamson Sintyl represents hope, possibility, and unwavering dedication to the greater good. With his leadership, we can build a community where every resident thrives, where opportunities abound, and where the promise of tomorrow shines bright.

Join us in supporting Williamson Sintyl, the future leader of Oglethorpe County. Together, we can turn vision into reality and create a legacy of progress that will endure for generations to come.

Contact Williamson directly at

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